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As a nurse, I frequently hear patients telling me how difficult it is to find clothing that is easily put on, clothing for amputees, special needs, or other unique situations.  I sewed many different things at that time for them but never took pictures.  I offer custom embroidery as well.  After dealing with my own health issues, I created a few things to make my life easier and some are featured here.  I have now made them for others and am happy to talk with you about your challenge and how we might be able to solve it.  I am also looking at some Braille software, so I can embroider colors into garments, so those who cannot see a color, will know what color item of clothing that they are choosing is.  I can also make colostomy "coverups".

Med Alert Seat belt covers

Special needs Med alert seat belt covers can be attached to seat belts.  In case of accidents, EMS and hospital personnel have access to your health information you have placed inside. Infant ones are also available. Custom embroidery is available.

Med Alert Key Fobs

Inside seat belt covers

Seat belt covers with custom embroidery has room to place flash drive, paper, and/or medical cards to elaborate on any special needs. Velcro straps are used to wrap around the seat belt.

Key fob close up

Various alerts available


Special Needs, such as Autism, Cardiac, Diabetes II, etc.  Ask me about special orders as well. No extra charge for 3 lines of custom embroidery.

Made of durable, waterproof fabric

All keyfobs include a key attachment, as pictured on the Epi-Pen example.

Bedside/Chair Caddy - it has several pockets on each side.

Back cushion - for dorsal column stimulator battery pack

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