To begin our quilt creation journey, please fill out the form below and submit back.  I will not start anything without having an extensive conversation about what you envision.  If this is for a gift, it helps me to know everything about that person - their hobbies, loves/likes, quirks, etc.  I will take the information you give me to help me choose patterns, fabrics, and embroidery quilting designs.  I want this to be as unique of a quilt as possible.  Let me know if you would like to incorporate any meaningful fabrics to you (perhaps in memory of someone),. 

We move forward one step at a time to allow for changes to the original design.  Sometimes, one cannot see the vision all at once.  You will have final approval of fabrics, colors, threads, designs, etc.  Once we have had our initial consultation, I take a couple of days to begin forming the ideas, colors, fabrics, designs, and so forth.  I then text you what I have come up with and get your approval to go to the next step or re-evaluate the project.

I can work with fabrics you purchase or I can purchase them for you.  If you are not knowledgeable about fabrics, I am happy to provide information about what you want to look for.  If I purchase them and find a sale or have a coupon, I pass that savings on to you.  

I include an embroidered label with every quilt.  Think about what you would like to say on it.  You don't need to let me know until the last week of the project.  It becomes part of the history of the quilt.

Prices depend on the complexity of the pattern of the quilt and the quilting, the amount of embroidery, and the size.  Materials and supplies for a baby quilt start at $50 and King quilts start at about $250.  My labor is a separate price.  I request that material costs be paid upfront and the labor can be paid for at delivery.

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