Please be patient while we load more stock designs with the speed of dial-up internet!

Note:  Designs on shirts usually start about 2" under the collar, rather than where image is placed in designer.

We provide direct-to-garment (DTG) printing and direct-to-film printing. (DTF)  It is not like sublimation, screen printing, or vinyl.
This means the ink is infused directly into the fibers of your garment and can be used on 100% coton, as well as any other tpe of fabric.   No peeling, cracking, or fading like with other processes.  It can be washed over 50x and look just as vibrant.
We use only top-quality ring-spun cotton shirts to give you lasting quality.

We are also able to print safety jackets and other waterproof items, using DTF.

Please call us if you have any questions about the website, our products, processes, or anything else we can help you with.  We actually answer our own phones, so you will not have to push any buttons to get a live person.  If you call before 10 am, Sandy just SOUNDS like a dead person, but in all fairness, if you call at 0300, she is wide awake.  Please do not call at 0300 and wake Kevin. LOL  We only list our phone numbers and no staff's.

Daddy Doodie Apron

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    Daddy Doodie Apron

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